Engineered/Prefinished vs. Unfinished Hardwood

Wood Flooring: A Solid Investment because it Last a Lifetime

As for most people, their homes are represent their single largest investment. Whether you have been in your home for decades, or weeks, the money you put into your home is an investment for the future, so we find it important to research your options carefully to make sure you are getting the value for your money.

When choosing flooring for your home, there is no doubt that real unfinished hardwood floors offer the best long-term value. The National Association of Home Builders recently put together a “How long things last” report for homeowners and while other flooring usually lasts about a decade, wood flooring is estimated to last for 100-plus years.

Also, in a survey taken by real estate agents, 90% agree that the resale value of a home is increased tremendously, up to 10% more when a home is furnished with real hardwood floors versus a home furnished without wood floors. In the same survey, 82% agree that homes also sell faster with wood floors than homes without, and lastly, 99% of agents agreed that the homes marketability is also influenced by hardwood floors. There is no doubt that real hardwood floors add the most value to your home, and with that being said, we encourage you to make sure you are choosing the most professional company to guide you through the process, whether you are installing a new floor or refinishing one that has been around for decades.

What type of hardwood floors does Denton’s do?

We specialize in prefinished/engineered or unfinished hardwood floor installations.However we prefer unfinishedbecause it last a lifetime. Denton’s Hardwood Flooring supplies, installs, and finishes any type of hardwood flooring. We can also provide any widths or species of flooring, also, we carry three grades of wood: Select and Better, #1 Common, and #2 Common. As far as widths, anything over 5 inches  or more needs to be glued and nailed to prevent possible buckling since the planks are so wide. We also provide on-site solid 3/4 inch thick wood staining to allow the customer to pick out their desired stain. When ready to begin sanding, we like to get an idea of the desired stain color, we then sand an area and put down a few stain colors so that the customer can pick out what goes best with their home. We only use Minwax stains. We have tried a few other stains and nothing compares to the Minwax stain and it comes in a wide variety of colors. Minwax carries a color chart but we prefer not to use thunfinished at, we have found that on site staining always works best.  When you call Denton’s Hardwood Flooring, Bobbi Jo or Frank Denton can explain the different grades of wood in detail to help you better understand or answer any other questions that you may have. We can bring samples if you want.

Engineered Hardwood Floor

Engineered hardwood is a type of wood that is temporary, similar to carpet. Please do not get mislead into buying the engineered that can not be refinished.  If it can be refinished it will only be one time. Once the flooring is damaged it has to be taken up and thrown away. We end up doing this several times a month. Removing glue down is costly because it is so labor intensive.  Here at Dentons we have option of glue down unfinished that can actually be sanded a few times. most people do not know about this product , it comes in 3 or 5 inched wide.     With Factory finished wood floors the finsh is applied in the factory. while many

Prefinished      options available  with factory finished floors, you will not be able to achieve the same level of  customization as you can with job site finished wood floors . however even though the hardwood dont look as good there will be minimal dust and noise.

if you choose prefinished  purchase a select grade .With fa However some customers may have to do prefinished if they can not leave there home for a week .  with factory finished wood you will not be achieve the same level of customization as you can with jobsite finished wood fliire


Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Sand on site wood looks much better and has a higher ality finish. It is smooth, unlike prefinished, that has the beveled groove between each board which most customers strongly dislike. The customer can also choose any Minwax stain that is desired. We will custom mix and get the color you want. Also with unfinished hardwood, we have total control over how it will the floor will look as far as color and quality. With the prefinished wood, you will not be able to achieve the same level of customization as you would with on site unfinished hardwood floors.


For the past few months dark floors are very popular , Dark floors are harder to make look perfect but we can .

Grey and white wash seem to be getting popular as well .

Handscraped is getting popular as well.